January 2019 Task / Feedback

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Albert 01-22 18:00


January 2019 task (30000BTO waiting for you to claim!) Task content: Give your valuable feedback to get rewards. Feedback topics: 1. Problems and inconveniences in the Bottos deployment process; 2. Convenience of developing DAPP based on Bottos blockchain; 3. Function of the chain itself and the problems of the interface documentation; Submission link: https://github.com/bottos-project/Documentation/issues. Reward: Three rewards based on the weight of your suggestions. After their adoption, you can get the following rewards: • A level reward 3000BTO; • B level reward 2000BTO; • C level reward 1000BTO. The rewards will be distributed to the main network in real time. The interpretation rights will be owned by Bottos. This task is to expire on January 31st.
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